Yoga for a Happy Back

Yoga for a Happy Back

8 Concise & Effective Sequences | taught by Irena Miller
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Course description

Wouldn't it be nice if your back felt happy before your first cup of coffee?

If you didn't have to think twice about bending over and picking up that blueberry that ran off the counter.

If you could actually sit and enjoy your favorite show, without constantly shifting to find a more comfortable position.

Experience release and freedom from achy backs with these simple yoga poses.

Discover how refreshed and energized you'll be after doing just 15 minutes or less of yoga a day!

*  Relieve tired & heavy legs  *

*  Release tension from tight legs & sore back after running or hiking  *

*  Alleviate an achy back after long periods of sitting  *

*  Stabilize the lower back and build a strong core  *

*  Boost your energy while soothing your back  *

What Others Are Saying about Yoga with Irena

"Irena's content is all about working on the parts of my body that hurt. As a mom and an online entrepreneur she gets my life and knows just how to make it better. Her soothing voice and useful practices always make my day and have changed my life. I get better sleep and have better days when I follow her practices, and when I start to ache I know I need more Irena in my life." - Dana Malstaff, CEO Boss Mom LLC

"I've loved the yoga support from Irena!! It's really helped me with both feeling more grounded and the couple physical pain points I struggle with!" ~ Valerie Friedlander

"I used to have hip aches, especially at night as I was trying to go to sleep! And since working with Irena for just a few weeks, I have not had any relapses! Love her yoga play!" ~ Layne Booth

Irena Miller
Irena Miller
Certified Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 500

Irena Miller, is the playfulness behind

She is an intuitive yoga coach who teaches LIVE Virtual bite-sized yoga classes where you can be seen and receive real-time feedback! Whether you’re new to yoga or limited on time, Irena has the right moves in 30 minutes or less, for you! 

With over 20 years of experience studying and teaching yoga, she still loves to see the light turn on in her students’ eyes after a yoga practice. Irena has been featured in Runner’s World, Spark People, and was a speaker at the Boss Mom Retreat. She is certified at the Experienced-500 hour level with the Yoga Alliance. 

With time so precious and rare, she creates a practice that will get you into the rhythm of the season and bring harmony to your world.

Course Curriculum

Warm Up Legs & Back
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Stretch the Back of the Legs
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Release Tight Thighs
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Stabilize the Hips
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Using Belts to Release Tight Backs
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Open Thighs with Singing Pigeon
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Restorative Yoga for a Happy Back
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